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Friday, January 13, 2023


Originally posted on March 23, 2007.

The coffee machine beeped repeatedly. Charlie turned around with a worried look.

“This is all your fault, Anna,” He said addressing the coffee machine, “That weird magical charm you brought into the office that could switch people’s souls. You thought it was hilarious when you swapped us and we ended up in each other’s bodies. You weren’t laughing so hard when you then went to accidentally swap your soul into the coffee machine.

”I left the thing on your desk for a few minutes because I had to go the bathroom, and now it’s gone.”

Anna quieted down for a few minutes. With her soul stuck inside the body of the coffee machine, all she could do was beep. She knew who took the charm from her desk, but she had no idea how to express that to Charlie. Unless she could figure out a way, she knew she’d be stuck like this; and Charlie would be stuck too. At least he was still human though; however, she was worried what he might do if left in control of her body for a long time.

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