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Monday, November 21, 2022


Orginally posted on August 13, 2009.

It had to be here! It had to be! Chris was scrambling in the back yard looking for the Medallion of Zulu. It was only a few hours before his sister would be back after her week long vacation. He had been housesitting for her when he found the Medallion and its power. He used it to transform into her for the week. He mostly stayed at home, so he couldn't image it would be out of the house or the yard, except for that one time...Oh no! Had he somehow brought it with him to the store when he went to go buy groceries? He ran back to the store's lost and found, but they hadn't seen it there either. How was he going to explain to his sister that he was now her exact twin?


  1. And age-old thing, brother house sitter for his sister. Finds a special medallion, turns myself into exact copy of her sister, plays dress up, then the strangest happens. It disappears or lost. Now she has a exact twin sister that was her brother. Now what.

    1. I dunno! I wrote this so long ago that I'm not sure I even ever planned a part 2! Many old captions were pretty base on my part (some still are!)