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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Slow on the Uptake

Originally posted March 1, 2009.

When the Great Shift hit, Brian felt his body drop to the cold ground. Regaining consciousness, he felt confused and disoriented. Somehow he had woken up in a different part of town. All he could think was “What happened?” He didn’t think he had too much to drink; in fact, he couldn’t remember drinking at all. His body felt strange also. He felt a weird constriction as he breathed, and as he stood up his feet were in pain. What had he done? His mind was spinning. As he began to walk home, the urge to pee overcame him. Slipping into the bathroom of a diner, he stood at the urinal and unzipped his fly,

Brian screamed. A man in the stall next to him asked, “A little slow on the uptake, eh?” Brian heard a flush as the man looked at his horrified face. “It’s been hours since the Great Shift happened and you’re just noticing your new body now? Even if you haven’t seen the news yet, how do you not notice having a different body?”

Brian couldn’t say a word as he looked into the mirror to see a very pretty woman staring back. Under normal circumstances, this woman wouldn’t have given him the time of day, but now he WAS this woman.

“Good luck with your new life,” The man with the stall said as he left Brian alone to comtemplate his situation.

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