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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Swapped League (Part 1)

Originally posted on Alicia's Great Shift Patreon.

Please note that Parts Two, Three, and Four are exclusive to the Patreon!

If Bruce was the type of person who looked on the positive side of things, he’d probably consider the fact that he was now a super hero with actual super powers. Of course, Bruce was not the type to look on the bright side.

The entire world was in chaos. Everyone had swapped bodies with someone else due to the Great Shift, and super heroes were no exception. What that meant was not just that Bruce was stuck in Diana’s body, but that there was literally no one he could trust. It also seemed quite likely that an innocent person stuck in a villain’s body could easily be hurt or attacked by someone with good intentions. It would be a tricky situation for sure.

Perhaps, though, he was in just the right body for this situation. Despite now opting for a much darker look, he still had the lasso of truth at his disposal. It was just a matter of ensnaring someone and asking who they really were.

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