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Monday, June 26, 2023

Fill 'Er Up

Originally posted on August 10, 2009.

Dave really wished he hadn't taken that cab home last night. He had never believed in magic, so a cursed taxi cab that swapped him into the driver's body seemed preposterous. However, now inside that cabbie's body, he could no longer deny the evidence. A journal explained how he could steal another person's body and it wasn't long before he found a victim. She was a young woman with a pink coat. Nearing the destination, he could tell the meter would be too low to initiate a swap, so he lied and claimed he needed gas. The young woman was angry; she demanded Dave turn off the meter, but he refused. She stormed out of the cab before it even came to a complete stop at the station and slammed the door. "Yeah, a nice day to you too," yelled Dave as the meter clicked over the minimum amount. The woman stormed away. "Hey! You still owe me for the fare," Dave screamed. "Screw you!" She responded. Dave sighed as he started to fill up the tank. Then he started to feel weird. The next thing he knew, he was in the woman's body, still filling up the cab's tank. He stopped suddenly, reached into the pink coat's pocket, and found a $50 bill. He tossed it on the driver's seat and walked mindlessly down the street. He was in a daze as he passed by a familiar face, the one that belonged to him a few moments ago. His daze broke as he found himself standing in front of his new house and life.

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