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Monday, May 15, 2023


Originally posted on November 8, 2019.

Gerald wondered how long Penelope would keep her insistence up. It had been a month since the Great Shift swapped him into her body, yet she still arrived outside his door every day at 5am. She wanted to make sure she was there before she awoke. She would put a blindfold on him before allowing him to change into a swimsuit. He could take the blindfold off in order to shower, but then he had to put him back on as she helped him change into an outfit she selected. She would return at night to blindfold him again when he changed into pajamas.

Gerald couldn’t imagine how tired she must be at this point. He also didn’t want to tell her how silly she was being. What did she think he did when he was alone at home late at night? Did she not realize he regularly used the bathroom throughout the day? Why did these moments not concern her? Maybe the whole changing was just something she was clinging to, hoping the Great Shifts effects would just wear off or something. Gerald knew how foolish that hope was; he knew Penelope’s body was his now for good, but he still let her keep her hopes alive...

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