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Sunday, February 5, 2023


Originally posted on January 25, 2019.

Dr. Emily Chan couldn’t describe her shock on Monday morning when she saw what seemed to be a new scientist in the lab look up from the microscope. The new woman looked up from her work, and Emily let out an audible gasp as a face that looked identical to her own smiled at her.

“Emily, please allow me to explain,” The woman said, “It’s me. It’s Malcolm, Dr. Malcolm O’Donnell. My advanced age was no secret to anyone here, but my aggressive cancer certainly was. After everyone left on Friday, I discovered a breakthrough that could save my life. I found a way to regenerate damaged cells, but I needed a small donor sample in order to act as a catalyst. I searched in all of our samples for a compatible donor. Nothing in our catalog would work. I got desperate and looked around for hairs, nail clippings, skin flake...anything! Eventually I found some and injected myself. I soon discovered that my discovery not only caused damaged cells to regenerate to match the donor -- it rewrote ALL of my cells. By Sunday morning, I had become an exact copy of you on a cellular level. I’m not sure if I can reverse it, but there are no longer any traces of cancer in me and I managed to make myself 40 years younger as well. I should have plenty of time to try to fix this!”

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