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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Ride

Originally posted on August 21, 2023 on My Patreon.

Liam had decided to enjoy some time to himself at a local amusement park and after enjoying some of the roller coasters, decided to try a new ride he had never noticed at the park before. The line wasn’t too long, and Liam was waiting behind a single mom and her four daughters.

It seemed each of the ride’s cars only held four people, so the woman had all her daughters get into one car, and the ride operator had her sit in the next one with Liam. The party behind Liam got into the next car.

Liam didn’t think much about it as the ride twisted, rolled, and shook on its set path. The lack of safety restraints really made it feel like you could shift just about anywhere.

As the ride ended, and Liam stood up, he felt disoriented. It took a few moments to realize why, but then he caught side of his own body leaving the ride. The daughters reacted angrily to what they thought was a strange man trying to take them away.

Realizing he was now the one in their mother’s body, he rushed over to assure the girls it was going to be okay. He explained that this man could be trusted and that “Mommy might have to go away for a while.”

The woman now inside Liam’s body looked at him with concern. Liam didn’t have any better answers. He didn’t want to take these children away from their mother, he knew he certainly couldn’t be a proper mother to them. It seemed like the only choice.

As the family walked away, Liam couldn’t take a moment to admire his new body, thinking it was in surprisingly good shape for having birthed four kids....

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