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Monday, June 10, 2024


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Kent didn’t know what he was doing. He hoped he’d be back in his own body by now, but it had been two weeks and the researchers at the lab were no closer to figuring out how he had swapped bodies with Jennifer in the first place -- let alone finding a way for them to swap back.

And while he’d be feeling miserable the entire time, today he actually felt ill. Looking up his symptoms online, Kent discovered he might be about to get a period. Things were about to get worse.

He rushed to the store to buy a bunch of tampons. Ultra? Super Plus? Regular? What were all these? Sizes? It’s not like he could try them out in the store or anything, so he just threw a bunch into the basket. He’d figure it all out later; honestly though, he wish he didn’t have to figure out any of this stuff at all!

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