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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Stupid Ballet

Originally posted on January 17, 2023.

Anthony’s wife had pressured him to come to a ballet performance. She insisted he needed some culture. He couldn’t believe how long and boring it was. Finally, after more than two hours, it seemed to be coming to a close. As the lead dancer leapt into the air, she came crashing down with a flash of light, and it was almost like Anthony could actually feel it.

He soon realized that he actually did feel it. He was now on the stage in front of the large crowd with a spotlight on him. He could see the scared look in the faces of the people in the front rows, and he was nervous himself. He hadn’t just found himself on the stage; he was now inside the body of the lead dancer! He was wearing tights, and ballet slippers, and a damned tutu -- not the mention the fact he was now a woman!

He cursed his luck. None of this would have happened to him if his wife hadn’t forced him to go to the stupid ballet!

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