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Monday, December 4, 2023

Other End (Part 2)

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A few seconds later, Edward looked at his surroundings. He was certainly no longer at the beach, but inside a rather sterile office. He was feeling excited that the teleporter had actually worked and he celebrated until he remembered what the woman was saying right before this thing started to work. She mentioned swapping.

Then he looked down. He had become a woman!

“What the hell!?” He screamed.

“Were you not told about the swapping?” A man asked.

“I guess it was mentioned, but you made me a chick! I thought this was a teleporter!”

“You signed the release, Ma'am -- er, Sir. It clearly stated that it only teleports minds and not the physical body with no guarantee about the type of body you’ll end up with.”

“Well, I want to go back!”

“You’ll have to wait for the next participant.”

“She ran off with my body!?”

“It was all in the release, Sir.”

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