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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Originally posted on November 2, 2015.

The magic taxi had given Zach a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he had to go screw it up. A few weeks ago, he had been swapped into the cabbie’s body, and after reading the guy’s journal, he discovered that he now had one shot to swap himself. As a result, he mostly tried to pick up fares on Wall Street. One day, he picked up a guy he knew would be perfect. He wore a power suit, talked business on his phone, and even had a personal assistant with him. The assistant was a quiet woman, a bit uptight and stuffy. When the pair exited the cab, he knew it was his chance. He spoke the magic words, “Have a nice day, Mis...” But before he could add the final “-ter” syllable, the magic took effect, and he ended up swapping bodies with the young assistant. He immediately tried to hail the cab again, much to the confusion of the man he was with. But after a minute, Zach knew the cab was long gone, and he was stuck with this woman’s life. He started to cry. The man tried to console him, but how could he even begin to explain what had just happened to him?

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