Saturday, February 15, 2020

Alicia's Archive TG Captions: February 15, 2020

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  1. Here's my fan-made continuation of this story:

    Mark continued walking around the city block. This strange phenonomon seemed to have transported his mind to the other side of the city. He walked down the street a bit more, chuckling to himself as he fantasized about the terrible fate of his ex, Sasha. He realized he was actually only a couple blocks from her apartment. Curious, he walked towards her door and knocked. No one responded.

    Testing, he tried to open the door - and it opened, it was unlocked! Morbidly curious, he walked in to see what fate had befallen his ex. He opened her bedroom door to find a woman curled up on the ground. She was making a strange grunting and squeaking sound.

    “Sasha? Is that you?”

    The woman on the ground flipped over, startled. She looked straight at Mark with a manic expression on her face, it was Sasha; well, it was her body at least. The woman screamed briefly in a strange manner, and quickly crawled past Mark and out the door.

    Mark was too shocked to give chase, was a dog or something in Sasha’s body? Did his cruel fantasy come true? He walked around her apartment and noticed a little cage that wasn’t there last time he’d been at her house. There was a little rodent leaning up against the bars of the cage, staring directly at Mark. What was it, a rat? A mouse? A gerbil? Yes, it seemed Sasha had replaced him with a gerbil after she broke up with him.

    “I’m guessing you’re not a gerbil, are you?” The little gerbil shook it’s head franticly. “Is that you, Sasha??” It nodded it’s head up and down.

    Mark couldn’t help but grin at Sasha’s misfortune. He opened the cage and lifted Sasha in the gerbil’s body up to his face. “You’re so cute like this! I’ll take care of you until this whole thing gets figured out.” Mark walked out of the house to return home. He wasn’t sure when he would reveal who he really was; revealing his identity might humiliate her even more - he could save that for later. He knew he should feel a bit bad about Sasha getting trapped in a rodent’s body, but right now he still thought this whole thing would be fixed in the near future.